January 28, 2015

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Colorful Home Interior on Portland Road in London

When deciding on a color scheme consider how you want the space to feel. Whether your style is traditional or modern, the colors and fabrics you use can create the mood you want. If you are decorating around fabric furnishings you already have than your color scheme should include the most prominent color in the fabric. Colors influence emotions and will determine how a room feels. So once you have decided how you want the space to feel the next step is to select a color scheme.

Generally speaking the ambiance of a room with a multi-colored scheme will be determined by the combination of the dominant and secondary color. [Read more...]

House Paint Color Combination Trends 2009 – 2010

Creating unexpected colour combinations is the latest message from Sico Paints, Canada’s leading paint brand, as it unveils its top colour choices for 2009-2010.

Following is a list of topping the Sico’s most popular paint colour combos for 2009–2010 are:

Vibrant, saturated greens, blues or yellows mixed with dark, industrial tones that create a sophisticated and energetic yet tranquil décor, such as Sico’s Pomelo bright yellow, Bold Blue deep navy, Basalt Grey slate, and Coastal Breeze complex grey. [Read more...]

Bontempi – Kitchen Decorating Ideas – inspiration for your ideal kitchen

The kitchen furniture design by Bontempi is very modern, the luxury kitchen is minimalist style. Kitchen Decor has many aspects such as kitchen shapes and layout, storage space and color schemes that have to be paid attention to. This kitchen decor is something looking much to create the cooking time comfortable and stylish. You should be aware of shapes and designs, the storage space and colors [Read more...]

Modern Loft Interior Design – pictures

Decoration of a loft is an interesting as well as a challenging task. When decorating a modern loft, you need some creative ideas to make your loft look big and comfortable – you’ll see the urban design style which often combines wood, stone, glass, and stainless steel with natural elements like plants to soften the metropolitan feel. Loft space planning uses color schemes that tend toward neutrals like white, brown, cream, or taupe. Modern loft interior design should create a functional and comfortable floor plan with spaces for relaxation, entertaining, storage, and working. Therefore, decoration of a loft is an interesting as well as a challenging task. You need some creative ideas to make your loft look big and comfortable. It requires special skills to utilize every inch of the available space. [Read more...]