October 31, 2014

Contemporary Landscape Design Ideas

Contemporary landscape design is a relatively new garden style that complements modern architecture and is just as unique as the structures it surrounds.
Many modern landscapes incorporate extensive hardscape designs to minimize upkeep while creating a functional outdoor living area and plant life is integrated in several different ways, including trendy potted gardens for small outdoor spaces. The furnishings, accessories, and decorative accents used in your contemporary landscape design can be as unique as your individual personality. Contemporary outdoor lighting is cutting edge, including color changing LEDs and fiber optics as well as abstract bollard lighting. Planters and furniture with built in lighting are popular and outdoor lamps that look like those inside your home bring a unique flavor to your landscape design.

From the garden designer Amir Schlezinger:
I design and build contemporary gardens, landscapes and roof terraces throughout London. Projects include City, Courtyard, Patio and larger Family gardens with a major speciality in Roof gardens and terraces. In town, I have always been asked for low maintenance and this has evolved into an important element of all my gardens. I offer a complete design and build service, with a particular emphasis on project management…….

If you have ever thought about getting into backyard landscape design, I encourage you to do it. Do not be put off by how difficult it is to build things when you have never had any experience. Once you get the hang of it, it can really be quite easy.

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