December 17, 2014

House Paint Color Combination Trends 2009 – 2010

Creating unexpected colour combinations is the latest message from Sico Paints, Canada’s leading paint brand, as it unveils its top colour choices for 2009-2010.

Following is a list of topping the Sico’s most popular paint colour combos for 2009–2010 are:

Vibrant, saturated greens, blues or yellows mixed with dark, industrial tones that create a sophisticated and energetic yet tranquil décor, such as Sico’s Pomelo bright yellow, Bold Blue deep navy, Basalt Grey slate, and Coastal Breeze complex grey. [Read more...]

Bedroom Color Inspirations

I hear the orange color will be color trends for 2009 which room decoration and other, earlier this color is also a trend in 2008. There are interesting that from orange is the color of bright color, the orange color match almost all the background and for the harmonious combination of colors, such as pink, black, white and other. You will have your own inspiration orange color with this.

Home Interior – Trendy Living Room Coloring Ideas

Synchronizing Colors and Themes

The first thing to do after you have decided which decorating style theme you will use for your living room in your new home or while renovating your existing home, you have to decide which color scheme you will use. You have to keep in mind to color coordinate with the color theme of your furniture, upholstery, furnishing accessories, floor covering, carpets, etc.

Another option is to begin with the furniture and coordinating paint colors with it. You may try to start with the major piece of furniture in the room or the room’s central point. Either use balancing colors or make the focal point stand out with something light around it.

Choosing Classic Colors That Still Works

The most fashionable color today is still the various tone of white or off-white because it makes the room look very large and also makes small pieces, like lamps and tables, look larger. White also adds light to your living room while helping to keep it cooler in the summer months. However, too many rooms with white walls tend to make your home look sterile or generic, not to mention the time you’ll have keeping your walls clean. [Read more...]

Kids bedroom

Parents often have the tendency to start shopping for their new family member well before born. Kids bedding and kids bedroom decor is one of the nicest things for parents. They like to make your nursery colors as possible. Obviously, apart from the paint room and the color of furniture in another important way to breathe life and fun in their children’s rooms bedding is used. Pillowcases, sheets, quilts are an important part of the nursery. Here’s some very nice beds worldwide.

Shopping on the Internet at all is a valuable resource to search for creative ways to dress your child in a room at affordable prices. All the comfort of home, this figure is a perfect companion for the busy mom!

Home design interior with theme idea

(picture is illustration / visualization)

The latest trends in interior design theme of origin. Topics range from sports to the incredible idea that women are modern and eclectic. One of the most popular topics “Tropical Island” theme.

If you use a tropical island theme ideas There are many areas that can be applied. From elegant to fun, you have several options. You can use the works of art, painting, wallpaper, wall texture paint, or a combination of these materials.

Select colors that represent the tropics such as various shades of blue, dark turquoise and deep shades of green. Burlap fabric is a good choice for wall covering. For an inexpensive Tiki look, attach bamboo shades to the wall, than attach a chair rail above the shade using bamboo shafts.
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