About Me

Hello everyone, my name is Isha Ken from Ama Keng, Singapore.  I completed my schooling with commerce and opted for diploma in interior designing from SP Design School, Singapore. I wanted to pursue higher education in this regard and finally I went and applied in National Design Academy, UK. 


This was the time when I learned and understood the true meaning of interior design and how each and every single object has its own significance and how placing a single object at different locations changes everything and alter the configuration of the setup of already placed objects inside.


Diploma gave me the preliminary knowledge about what designing is how we can implement it under specific scenarios but full-fledged course from UK provided me that much needed knowledge and added another dimension which I would not have got otherwise. 


More than the theoretical aspect, we were made to go through the practical use cases to showcase what we learned during different stages. It was really amazing and satisfying experience. It is this knowledge and exposure which actually made it very easy for me when I started out working in real world for the people on ground zero.


I continued working in UK for close to 10 years and then came back to Singapore. I collaborated with my college friend from the same field and decided to have our own venture at the heart of the city. Right now it is having a smooth run and we are able to satiate our clients with their needs and able to guide them with all the information they need. Our objective has always been to reduce the movement and displacement cost of the customers and made them aware about the reusable stuff lying unnoticed in their home as how to use to decorate it.


Since my friend has extensively worked on the security aspect of the interior design hence we both complement each other over the work and gel quite well.

The objective of this website is to make people aware about what they can potentially do from the stuff which they have already parked in their garage or the store room considering useless. We also guide them how to enable all the digital products to their savior and make them security tools. The articles we write here are the emblem of what we have been doing since last so many years.